How To Choose The Right Domain Name For Your Website

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Published at: Nov 18, 2021

We usually type the domain address in the search bar column first when opening a website, right? There are dot com, dot, dot net and so on. Now we call the row of unique names a domain name. The domain is a unique name used to identify the name of a computer server. This domain name is designed to make it easier for us to access website addresses. Because by default, websites are actually opened using a complex series of numbers called IP addresses. Examples are movie streaming websites, software download websites, and many more examples of websites that use IP addresses to open them.

Here are interesting tips for choosing the right domain name for the website you want to create.

  1. Unique Domain Name First

    Choosing a unique domain name is very important because this domain name will later become the identity of your business/profile/blog. When people search for your business identity on search sites, this domain name will help search site robots prioritize your website.

  2. Think Long Term

    Back again to the first point, if your business identity has been known for years and already has memories of people about your business/profile/blog identity. Never change the domain address and leave the old domain address. There are many cases when people try to open a website that they have opened before, but the website cannot be opened because the domain address is already different. Think carefully before buying a domain; make sure the domain will be used for a long time and not change the name.

  3. Easy to Remember Name

    What happens when a website has a domain that is hard to remember? Even though there are various kinds of valuable information in it that the visitor wants to see, it's annoying, isn't it? Try to make a short domain name but according to the contents of the website in it. An example is, which contains a collection of blogs/articles about the history that occurred on the island of Bali. Then, which includes the latest news about Bali. With words that are easy to understand, visitors will not forget our website. Not only visitors but search site robots will also easily understand the website in the crawling process. Crawling is a process where search engines such as Google can find and scan content on websites.

  4. Pay Attention to Domain Extensions

    Is your target audience in Indonesia? Or abroad? Your website is a typical blog, organization, or buying and selling site? Things like this are sometimes not understood by our society. Domain name extensions are available according to the needs of each user.

    We are certainly familiar with the term called Top Level Domain, a domain that we have often heard or visited such as: .com, .net, .org, .info, .edu, .mil, .gov and .id

In general, there are two types of domain names, namely Generic Domains (gTLDs) and Country-Specific Domains (ccTLDs).

  1. Generic Domains (gTLDs)

    A domain name that ends in .Com, .Net, .Org, .Edu, .Mil, or .Gov. This type of domain is often also referred to as a Top-Level Domain. That is, the domain is directly under the root (the dot behind the domain name). So it doesn't show domains by country, so anyone who wants to buy can register. Types of Generic Domains (gTLDs) are:

    • .com : Used for commercial purposes.

    • .biz : Used for business purposes.

    • .edu : Used for educational purposes.

    • .info : Used for informational purposes.

    • .name : Used for personal web purposes.

    • .net : Used for internet purposes.

    • .org : Used for organizational purposes.

    • .pro : Used for professional purposes.

    • .tv : Used For Television, and so on.

  2. Country-Specific Domains (ccTLDs)

    Represents a domain that ends in a two-letter extension. This domain is regulated and registered in each country. ccTLDs are also often called Second-Level Domains, which are domains that are under Top Level Domains. Examples of Secondary Level Domains are,, , and many others.

    Example of Indonesian Domain:

    • : for academic/college environment

    • : for commercial organizations

    • : for organizations other than organizations

    • : for organizations holding telecommunication service Operator Permits

    • : for business entities, organizations, or individuals who carry out their activities on the World Wide Web.

    • : for schools with predetermined terms and policies.

    • : explicitly used for government agencies

    • : used for the military with the provisions and policies that have been determined.

    • : used for internet cafes with predetermined terms and policies.

How, have you started to determine the right domain name for your website? Of course, it takes considerable consideration to think about it. Awwbit Digital can help and provide solutions. We also provide website creation services, including hosting and domains for your needs, at quite affordable prices.